Columbia University Chinese New Year Gala

The most influential Chinese New Year event in the Greater New York Area.

My Role:

Vice Director








I enjoy solving
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Ever since it was first introduced in 1996, the Columbia University Chinese New Year Gala became the most well known Chinese New Year event in the Greater New York Area. Stars and celebrities gathered here and joined us for the Chinese New Year celebration. Along with the ever-expanding fame comes with a greater responsibility in connecting the Chinese and local community.

As the Vice Director of the 2014 Columbia University Chinese New Year Gala, I collaborated with a team of creative individuals, designing and determining the theme, program arrangement, stagecraft, costume, props, lighting, acting, set, and sound of the gala. Also, I led a team of 60 staff to oversee the execution and ensure the quality and completeness. The gala garnered 1,500 audience and generated 6.6 millions video clicks in the media, which is the highest in the history.


The 2014 Columbia Chinese New Year Gala was the first online broadcast that was entirely organized by students.

For the full video of the gala, please visit:

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Auditorium Design

The main color of auditorium was red to set a jubilant tone of the Chinese new year. The stage was decorated with couplets on each side and four traditional Chinese lanterns were hung on the top of the stage.

Program Arrangement

The gala consisted of two chapters. The theme of the first chapter was nostalgia. The second chapter was jubilance of the horse year. One interlude was added in the middle of each chapter.


Gala Poster

Since 2014 was the year of horse, we used the horse in Chinese painting style as the main element. The horse was also painted with the shape of 2014. 

program guide 1.png
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Program Guide

Red is the color of Chinese New Year. In addition to the red color, we also applied elements indicating the auspiciousness of a new year and the traditional Chinese culture, including auspicious cloud, papercutting, Chinese seal&knot, calligraphy, moutan peony, Mount Hua, and firecracker.

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Audition Screening

Twelve programs were orchestrated after auditioning 90 programs for two days.


Four rehearsals were run to ensure the quality of the gala: draft rehearsal, tech run rehearsal, and two full run rehearsals.

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Me and Our Director Team

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All the Staff and Performers