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I’m a product designer with a background in education.

Hey, nice to meet you!

My pedagogical beliefs, forming through years of training and practices, have enormously shaped how I perceive and approach design:

Designers are facilitators and collaborators. 🤝

Designers are not controllers dictating what users should do. Instead, designers facilitate and collaborate with users to achieve their goals: helping them clear away roadblocks, find shortcuts, and achieve their goals.

Users’ needs are the foundation of design. 🤔

The first thing I do before teaching a course is to analyze my students' needs. Similarly, user research is an essential precursor to identifying their needs and the gaps that the design is intended to fill. ​

An engaging and delightful experience is my pursuit. 🤩

As an educator, I strive to bring an engaging and lighthearted learning experience to students. As a designer, it is my mission to empower users and provide a delightful experience for them.

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